On September 10, 2017, Gab will compete in The “Tor des Géants” - the first non-stop race of its kind to cover an entire region, running along spectacular paths at the foot of the highest peaks in the Alps. He’ll run through the Gran Paradiso Natural Park, the Mont Avic Regional Park and through the Aosta Valley with 700 other competitors, aiming to complete the 205 miles in one go. This will all be done on mountain trails with 80,000+ feet of elevation gain and within 150 hours. For those keeping score – that’s the equivalent to climbing Mt Everest almost three times! 

Why? To support his wife, Dr. Julia Valente, and to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy.  




We don't grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges."


Tor des Geants

Gab's adventure began on Sunday, September 10 - He ran for 57 hours and 4 mins, 144.7 miles, ascending 46,164ft and descending 45,344ft!
An unfortunate leg injury forced him to withdraw from the race early, but we're so proud of his efforts in the race & his success in raising funds and awareness for epilepsy. See a message from Gab below: 

A Message from Gab:












"Team - it is with the utmost regret that I had to withdraw from the race due to a leg injury. Unfortunately although my calf was better once taped it only meant that other parts of my legs now had to compensate. Ultimately my IT band was on fire and my quads were shot. When my pole broke the second time my race was over as I stumbled down the mountain to the aid station in absolute agony. 

My race came to an end but I am hoping that in the future we can use Team Rise to fundraise and highlight an individual or teams that are willing to go above and beyond to support our community!!

I would like to thank Julia for her tireless effort supporting me during the race but more importantly for supporting me during the 9 months of preparation where we had to make many sacrifices as a family to allow me to train and follow a very strict diet!! Thankful for the best teammate one can hope for. And I have it everyday.

Failure is just the beginning of a much bigger journey!! ...(might be back)"

- Gab

Follow Gab's Journey:

KSTP Update

KSTP gives an update on the end of Team Rise's journey, and helps spread awareness for epilepsy.

Julia looks for Gab

Julia ventures out to look for Gab, who is less than an hour out from the next check point.

Shout out to EZ!

Big thanks to Evan - aka "EZ" - for joining Team Rise on this adventure

Steep descent & an injured leg

Gab faces a steep descent on an injured leg.



Join Gab in supporting the vital programs and services provided by the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota!